All about hepatitis and hepatitis b symptoms

All about hepatitis and hepatitis b symptoms


Hepatitis is referred as swelling of the liver that might be due to any reason like infection and chemicals. Depending upon the nature of the injury of liver hepatitis has different types because of differences in nature of infection and differences in the nature of the infection causing agent. Hepatitis has its own way of treatment and spreading its symptoms is different too.

Hepatitis B:

This type of hepatitis is due to hepatitis b symptoms virus and it is seen that this infection is now infecting a large number of people due to this death rate is also increasing. This virus is a DNA virus belongs to separate family as its different from other viruses. Some people do not take good care while eliminating this infection from the body as a result; they remain in their body and remain infecting their body adversely.If someone does not take good care while eliminating this infection from the body, it might affect the body adversely.


Hepatitis b symptoms might include:

  • Pain in joints and abdomen
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine
  • Weakness
  • Tiredness
  • Jaundice
  • Fever

If anyone found these symptoms in  the body, then it will be advisable to contact your doctor immediately in order to get rid of this infection in staring


This infection might be transmitted from one person to another as:

  • Contaminated blood exchange
  • Polluted syringe
  • Sexual contact
  • During pregnancy

It is seen that this virus is not transmitted by the means of eatables or by hand shaking with an infected person.


For diagnosingthe virus of hepatitis B in blood, blood marker or blood test is done to identify the virus in blood.

Extent of damage in body:

As this virus infects liver, mostly this might be a result of theimmune system that will be trying to eliminate the virus from the body. In individuals who are suffering from chronic hepatitis may lead to complete loss of function of liver this will result in the death of that individual. Some people who are suffering from this infection from childhood are more lightly to infect from chronic hepatitis in which liver is infected most adversely than any other type. In this chronic hepatitis mostly occurs due to the extent of damage of theliver.


For treating infection, in the body mostly done by nucleotides that inhibit the growth of the virus causing this infection. While to, reduce inflammation of the liver that occurs due to viruses is lessened by medicines. Complications that might occur after wards may also be reduced by taking medicine prescribed by doctors in order to save the body from further damage. But it must keep in mind that  the virus is so resistant that they cannot be eliminated from the body with the help of medicines they are just to inhibit any further viral infection inthe body.

Liver injury:

As virus of hepatitis is present in the liver, but it will not directly affect the liver, but due to the presence of this virus immune system of body response in which body tries to eliminate the infection from the body as a result of this fight inflammation is produced in the liver this might be due to entrapping Of these viruses by T cells ofthe immune system. Due to this inflammation, liver cells may injure so medicines are given in order to lower down the immunity as a result of this damage to the liver will be minimized by the immune system.

If hepatitis b symptoms are seen in body then immediately consult doctor to get rid of this infection.


What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Honey?

What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Honey?

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Honey is a thick, viscous fluid obtained from honey bees as a result of collecting of nectar from different flowers.  Lots of benefits for health are declared by the scientist from long time in this way it is consumed in large number by the people. Honey is used in several forms in our daily life people might use it as a bread spread or might mix it with milk to add sweetness. Moreover, it will also help a lot in different aspects of life.


Honey contains different forms of sugar that is actually giving it thickness and sweetness. Water and large number of minerals are also present in it.  It also contains anti-bacterial properties which are used in many wound treatment as it is resistant to bacteria’s present inthe wound. Besides this, water in reasonable amounts is also present.  All these ingredients are very much beneficial for human health.


Different nutrients in honey are present in specific ratios. Honey is slightly acidic in nature which helps the body in the prevention from several diseases. Moreover, it is seen that honey many flowers has its own properties. As it is seen, that honey is stickier than other liquids like water.  Its properties are very much different from that of other liquids and its usage is also different from that of others.


It is seen that honey provides the largest number of health benefits it is said that you might use it as a source of medicine for several diseases. It is seen that many diseases are prevented by regular intake of honey. As each honey of different flower has its own properties so it is seen that it will help a lot in providing different health benefits. It helps a lot in preventing out reflex condition. Honey benefits for health cannot be neglected.

Curing diseases:

In dehydration honey is used to cure a large number of problems related to dehydration like it will affect the period of the diarrhea. It will help your body in rehydration. So it is used in treatment in infants to cure this as they can never take medicine. Moreover bacterial infection is also cured by taking regular intake of honey.It also contains electrolyte that will help a lot in curing.

As it is a natural remedy so it can not cure any disease immediately, it will take time to cure the disease while those who regularly consume honey have the ability to prevent their body from any disease. Honey   has given high status in Islam as it has the ability to cure lots of diseases.Honey benefits for health are numerous. Honey is also used in a variety of products and in different sorts of eatables that are consumed by the humans. It is seen that honey from both types of bees (large, small bees) are different in taste due tothe different nature of collection method of these honey. But both are beneficial for us